All of these photos are scanned from my original Tri-X negatives and Kodachrome slides and printed on quality archival photo paper.

Please keep in mind:

1) The originals are in most cases at least 35 years old, which was a really long time ago. This was the before times.

2) I developed all the images myself. I was 13 and learning photography as I went.  Some negatives are a little overexposed, some under, others mottled from chemical staining.*  It's not ideal, but part of the story. They have been stored in file boxes in my garage for years. This is not the Smithsonian archival department, but they are in surprisingly good condition.

3) The prints I sell are beautifully printed, but I'm not obsessive about Photoshop.  If you're not comfortable buying a print that may show a couple of aberrations, or power lines and dust specs, I'm not your guy.  If you want a piece of analog BMX history to hang on your wall, this is the genuine artifact.

4) NOTES ABOUT PRINT SIZING: I'm selling photos in 8.5x11, 11x17 and 13x19 which is convenient to available paper sizes. The majority of shots are close to 2:3 format, aka full frame 35mm. Others are closer to 3x4. Unless requested otherwise, images will be smaller than the paper and printed with a white border (~0.5 inch) with signature at the bottom.

If you want something in a particular size and it's not listed, hit me up. I'm assuming most people will pop the full sheet of paper into a standard frame without additional matting.

Let me know if you'd like a specific image size. For example, I can print 8x12" on 11x17" paper and you can get 12x16" standard matted frames with 8x12" windows.

5) INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: I'll ship internationally, but it's expensive. It's approximately $25 to send a poster tube to Europe and $20 to Canada. For some reason Australia and NZ have doubled in recent weeks, now $50. To make it worthwhile to the buyer I will likely throw in extra prints. Message me if you're unsure about the process.

6) If there's an image I've posted on Instagram that I'm not offering, but you're interested in, send me a message.  Some shots I'm holding back for other projects, or will release later. However, if you will die if you don't get a certain Dave Vanderspek picture on your wall, I may honor that request. You just have to tell me the secret password.

7) These are all limited edition prints. By that I mean I don't know how long I will do this for. You never know when I'll pack it in and disappear for another 35 years. Get them while you can. I suspect most editions will be less than 50. The signed rider prints are limited to 25.

8) When you order, I'll typically respond right away, often with additional questions. Prints are usually completed in two days unless I'm traveling, but I'll let you know. I do have a day job.

9) If something is not right with your purchase, just let me know and we'll work it out. I'm not out to make enemies at my age.

Thank you for the support.  It means a lot to see everyone so interested in these photos after four decades.

Bill Batchelor